Via twitter:

Jan Hartman’s and WebMappers hard work of georeferencing a set of Old Amsterdam maps:

6 XYZ-Map services with maps old as 1625 to have a look into history, off course also to be loaded in QGIS :-)

Wanna see ‘the red light district’ in 1625?


Or see Dutch 17th century glory on a map (well, 135 degrees rotated :-) ):


Or see that there was also a ‘Waag’ (“weigh house”) on Dam Square?


Go grab the xyz-urls from or download this zip containing a QGIS project file.

The zip contains a .qgs file which you can load as project with both QGIS 2.18 and QGIS 3.x NOW. But also a file ‘’ which you can load as a set of XYZ-services IF you have a QGIS newer then 3.1 (so you either run a nighly, or wait for 3.2 to come out)..

Happy QGISsing…

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