Pff.. saving dbf: general input/output error

Did you ever receive an Excell file to do some georeferencing, and thought: let’s save it as a dbf/Dbase4 format first. Because most FOSS gis application can handle that the best…

For some times I found this horrible error when trying to save it in Debian or Ubuntu: Error saving the document: General Error. General input/output error:

generalinput_outputerror dialog

Thinking it was an old Open/LibreOffice bug which was not to be fixed because nobody will use dbf files anymore…

Wrong! It’s just the fact that I/you did not install libreoffice-base / openoffice-base package in Ubuntu! Apparently this is not installed by default. After a thorough:

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-base

It will just work!!




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